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“Descartes’ Mind-Body Union: A Robust Exploration of Mechanism, Teleology, and Boundaries”

XXV World Congress of Philosophy Rome

August 2024


“Aristotle’s Teleology and the Puzzle of Bios: The Role of Bios in the Natural World and the Human Species”

The Fifth Canadian Colloquium for Ancient Philosophy

April 2024


“How Aristotle Explains Why Crocodiles Aren’t Fish”

The 2nd Annual Duke-UNC Graduate Conference

March 2024


“An Ecological Approach to Aristotle’s Natural Teleology in Animal Design”

The 2024 APA Central Division Meeting

Feb 2024


“Rethinking Teleology: The Concept of Bios and Its Implications for Aristotle’s Global Teleology”

Ancient Philosophy Society Graduate Panel

Sept 15, 2023


“Cavendish on Causa Integra”

Cavendish Collective Virtual Workshop

June 17, 2023


“Problematizing Bios

Princeton University

March 4, 2023

Anc_Med Bio Workshop.jpeg

“Hypothesis, Moral Certainty, and Sufficiency in Du Châtelet and Kant”

Universität Paderborn

Feb 10, 2023

“Beauty and Subordination”

International Berkeley Society, Eastern APA

January 5, 2023

IBS photo.jpeg

Stephen H Daniel, Alberto Luis-López, and Aurora Yu

"The Nature of Politeia"

Penn St. University

April 7, 2022

"White Contra Foucault:

History, Scientism, and Ethics"

China National Convention Center

August 16, 2018

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